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Water sports Leukermeer

Water sports enthusiasts: 5x the best water sports on the Leukermeer

Water sports on the Leukermeer

Do you enjoy being active on the water? Then choose to water sports on the Leukermeer . This lake is the perfect place for action on the water. So you will find enough water sports here that are suitable for a day of fun. Wind, sun or clouds? It does not matter: you can always enjoy the water. Ideal, because water sports is an experience that makes your holiday complete. Curious about what activities you can undertake here? Then read on quickly.

Water sports

Water sports 1 - Wakeboarding

If you say water sports , you say wakeboarding. Although you will feel the adrenaline rushing through your body during this activity, it is up to you to keep both feet on your board. This is a perfect sport to step out of your comfort zone and show all spectators what you have in store. As you let yourself be pulled by the cable car, you will discover why this sport is so popular. No experience with the plank yet? Don't worry, at the wakeboard school instructors will be delighted to welcome you to familiarize yourself with the sport. Children can also learn the tricks of the trade at the wakeboard school. This way the whole family will have a great day!

Water sports 2 - Water skiing

If you want to find out how good your balance is, water skiing is the ideal activity for you. During a challenging afternoon it is important to stay on the slats. Moreover, this is a suitable water sport on the Leukermeer , as there is plenty of room to show how well you can water ski. Even inexperienced water skiers can experience how much fun this sport is thanks to the lessons that are given at the lake for young and old. So after the lesson you can go directly to the Leukermeer for water skiing. Do you have a boat? Then you can also explore the Maas from your skis.

 Water sports Leukermeer

Watersports 3 - Banana boating

Laughing, yelling, roaring? Then get on the banana and cruise the lake at high speed. Hold on tight, because before you know it you will be in the water. Banana boating is a fun activity for young and old and there is plenty of room for the whole family on the banana. Are you ready to get on a life-size banana and experience a bumpy ride?

Water sports 4 - Sailing

You can explore the Leukermeer in peace and quiet on a sailing boat. Get in the boat and discover the beauty of the lake or the Maas. During an afternoon on a sailing boat, you can hoist the sails yourself or relax while the captain sets the course. Close your eyes and enjoy a carefree afternoon. Want to get off the boat for a while? More than at Arcen , a town bursting with atmosphere and history. After a walk through the place, take a seat at Brasserie Alt Arce and enjoy a drink.

Rent a boat Leukermeer

Water sports 5 - Rent a boat

Renting a boat on the Leukermeer is always a good idea. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the water with your travel group. While you feel the wind in your hair, admire the beautiful surroundings. You will have a pleasant day while enjoying snacks and drinks. Have you already become enthusiastic about renting a boat on the Leukermeer?

Water sports at Marina Resort Leukermeer

After a successful day on the water, Marina Resort Leukermeer is the right place to relax. Marina Resort Leukermeer offers recreational land on the water for sale . The resort borders the Limburgse Plassen and there is a good connection with the Maas , so you can divert to other nature reserves with water. The perfect place to enjoy peace, space and nature. One thing is certain: during a holiday at the Leukermeer you will feel that all worries disappear and you can completely relax for a while.

Offer Marina Resort Leukermeer

Buying a holiday villa or apartment

At Marina Resort Leukermeer it is possible to buy a holiday home on the water . Some villas even have their own jetty: ideal for water sports enthusiasts! This makes the recreational homes of Marina Resort Leukermeer a great place to spend a holiday, not only for you, but also for tourists. For this reason, you might consider opting for (partial) rental of your villa or apartment . Enjoy your holiday home when you want and rent it out when you are away.

Would you like to know more about Marina Resort Leukermeer or inquire about the possibilities? Then contact us today.