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Purchasing a second home

At Marina Resort Leukermeer, you can purchase a second home and rent it out. The holiday resort is located in Limburg, in the village of Well (municipality of Bergen). Due to its location by the Leukermeer lake with a free passage to the Meuse river, this is a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts. The selection of holiday homes at this resort is very diverse, you can buy 20-person family homes and almost everything in between. Marina Resort Leukermeer has various facilities. These include a swimming pool, bowling alley, coffee lounge, gym, aqua park, bicycle rental, restaurant, and supermarket. These facilities make it the perfect location for purchasing a second home to rent out.

Renting out the holiday home

When purchasing a second home at Marina Resort Leukermeer, you have three options for using your home:

  • Full personal use: you use your property yourself and do not make it available for rental
  • Full rental: your property is always rented out and you cannot use it yourself
  • Combination of personal use and rental: your property is partly available for rental and you can also use your house for a weekend break or a week-long holiday, for example.

You may determine for yourself how you plan to use your holiday home at Marina Resort Leukermeer.

Purchasing a second home for rental income

At Marina Resort Leukermeer, you can purchase and rent out a second house. The resort has its own professional rental organization that cooperates with various tour operators. They take care of the rental activities and invoicing, supervise, receive the guests who rent your property, take care of the cleaning, and replace small inventory if something breaks down. They take care of the management of your property for you and you will receive the rental income. You can find more information about this on the investment page.

A big advantage of renting out your holiday home through a rental company is that they will take complete care of you. Cleaning windows, garden maintenance, or a big cleaning job? All of this will be taken care of for you. This way you don't have to drive all the way to your property to change a lamp or fix a clogged drain. When you choose to purchas a second home at Marina Resort Leukermeer, you can leave the rental activities to the rental organization. They will take care of everything and you can rest assured that your second home is in good hands.

Wondering about the possibilities of buying and renting a second home at Marina Resort Leukermeer? Then feel free to plan a meeting for a visit on location, or call one of our advisers: +31 (0)6 5469 7271.

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Where can I buy a second home on the waterside?

Do you want to buy a second home located directly on the waterside ? Some of the villas at Marina Resort Leukermeer are located on the Leukermeer in Limburg. This offers you a fantastic holiday destination with an amazing view.

Are there possibilities to buy a second home for rental?

Yes, you can buy a second home for rental at Marina Resort Leukermeer. Buying and renting out a house is an attractive way of investing in real estate. You receive income from the rental, but do not have to worry about it because everything is arranged by our rental organization.

Why is buying and renting out a second home interesting?

Investing in real estate currently gives you more return than having your money in the bank. It is therefore the alternative to saving. Buying and renting out a second home provides you with an attractive return on full rental of the home.

Can I buy a second home on the Maas in Limburg?

At Marina Resort Leukermeer you buy a second home on the Leukermeer with a direct sailing route to the Maas . Do you have your own boat? Then view the options for a private jetty at your villa. Ideal if you like to go out with your own boat.

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