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Marina Resort Leukermeer - Verkoop
Commercially investing in real estate

Business investing in a vacation home

Landal GreenParks
Invest in a vacation home and let Landal GreenParks take care of it for you.
  • Appealing yield
  • Tax-deductible expenses
  • Stable investment
  • High-quality recreational homes starting at €429,500

Buying a second home with your limited liability company LLC)

As an entrepreneur, it goes without saying that you will continue to invest in your own business. But what do you do with assets that you do not need immediately? Investing in a vacation home is a way to create an (additional) passive income stream and diversify your investment portfolio.  Purchasing a second home with your limited liability company brings several financial benefits AND in addition, you are not taxed on your private wealth. In addition, inflation can be absorbed by the price index of rents and there is still a average value appreciation of about 2% net per year!  In addition, this is an investment where everything is taken care of for you. During the entire purchase process up to and including the letting and maintenance of your vacation home, you will be taken care of by our professional rental organization Landal GreenParks. Vacation homes are available from as little as €429,500.

An impression of our investment properties:

Why invest in recreational real estate?

Advantages over regular real estate

In the regular housing market, there are a number of restrictions that apply to investors. For example, for investors, there is a maximum transfer tax of 10.4%. Recreational property, on the other hand, in the case of a vacation home that has not been used before, is exempt from this transfer tax. In addition, the recreational homes at Marina Resort Leukermeer are located in a natural waterfront location.

Advantages over shares

Stocks are a risky investment because the value can fluctuate significantly. Recreational real estate is a relatively safe investment, as demand for holiday homes is expected to increase. In addition, recreational real estate offers an interesting return, thanks to rental income and value appreciation. As a vacation home owner, you have a tangible investment.

Advantages over a savings deposit

If you currently want to make business investments in a savings deposit, your money is going to devalue. Your assets depreciate in value because of inflation. As a vacation rental owner, you can absorb inflation by indexing rental prices. Would you like to know more?

Commercially investing

Financing your holiday home through a limited liability company offers an interesting opportunity for business owners. For example, as an entrepreneur, you may consider purchasing a second home with equity from your business. In this way, you will lend money from your limited liability company to yourself as a private person. This type of financing can bring several benefits, including tax advantages and optimizing your financial structure. Do make sure to pay attention to how this form fits within the business objectives of your limited liability company. For this reason, to make the right decision, we always recommend talking to a financial advisor. During a personal meeting, our sales broker Olav can check your personal situation against the tax consequences (box 3 or business purchase).

Financing options for your vacation home


    Loan with your limited liability company
    Mortgage on the vacation home
    Surplus value mortgage
    Regular credit
    Increase mortgage on current home
    Private savings

Investing in a holiday home at a newly built holiday park

A recently published study by Landal GreenParks showed that new holiday parks are currently doing very well. This study, consisting of an analysis of four benchmark parks, found that the return figures, based on 2022 data, are already positively outdated as of 2024. Although these parks are still in the start-up phase and moving towards the third stable year of operation, the results are already showing a positive picture compared to the forecast. This is partly attributed to the steady increase in domestic vacations. Although returns are usually not realized until the third year, it is expected that they may be realized as early as the first (full) year. 

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