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Marina Resort Leukermeer - Verkoop
Buying a recreation home as an investment
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Buying a recreation home as an investment

Buying a recreation home is a great investment, especially now that the interest on savings is almost nothing or even negative. However, it's important to have a look at the quality of the holiday home. The demand for luxury holiday homes with a solid construction and sustainable finish is increasing. The properties being for sale at Marina Resort Leukermeer completely meet those requirements. The apartments and holiday homes being realized here all have a high level of comfort and are fully equipped. That makes investing in a holiday home very interesting for you.

Buying a second home as an investment

Do you want to buy a holiday home as an investment ? Then one thing is very important: your house should be rented out as often as possible. After all, the more often your holiday home is rented out, the more rental income you generate and therefore the higher the rate of return on your investment will be. That's the reason why it is not only important to look at the quality of the home, but also to have a look at the location of the holiday park where you are considering buying a recreation home as an investment .

Considering these points, the location of Marina Resort Leukermeer is perfect because it offers more than just water sports . In addition to water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers can enjoy themselves here, too. With De Maasduinen National Park just around the corner, walking fans and cyclists can go on endless trips to discover the many walking and cycling routes. The visitor center of the Maasduinen National Park is less than 10 minutes' drive from the holiday park, but it can also be reached by water. This makes Marina Resort Leukermeer a great opportunity for both summer and winter holidays.

Would you like to invest in a second home and are you interested in buying a recreational home at Marina Resort Leukermeer? Then schedule your appointment for a meeting or contact us by telephone: +31654697271 . We are happy to assist you!

Atmosphere Marina Resort Leukermeer

Investing in a holiday home in Limburg

The luxury stone homes are perfectly suited for anyone who wants to invest in a holiday home . The location of the resort, in the village of Well, situated in the north of Limburg (municipality of Bergen), on the Leukermeer and with a free passage to the Maas, makes this a popular place for water sports enthusiasts. Here they can go sailing, swimming, canoeing, supping, water skiing and so on. After water sports, tourists can relax on the beach or have a drink in the beach club. Young children can play endlessly with a bucket and shovel while building the most beautiful sand castles .

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Frequently asked questions

How do I arrange the rental of my holiday home when I purchase it as an investment?

If you buy a holiday home at Marina Resort Leukermeer as an investment, the rental is fully provided by our professional rental organization. This way you can enjoy your investment carefree.

Can I also partially rent out if I buy a second home as an investment?

You can choose between full rental or a combination between rental and private use. The second option gives you less return than full rental, but does allow you to enjoy your holiday home yourself.

How much return can I expect if I buy a holiday home as an investment?

At Marina Resort Leukermeer we do not give a fixed return or return guarantee. We provide a transparent and clear insight into the expected rental income, depending on whether you want to rent out fully or partially.