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Marina Resort Leukermeer stands for Sustainability

The design team has, when making the first sketches, sustainability in mind. The homes and apartments have been efficiently designed with a lot of attention to orientation. The set up of the homes is sustainable, has a long longevity and recyclable materials have been used. The recreation homes and the apartments have been mostly clad with wooden facades. The wood of the facade is coming from a fast growing wood from the European forests and has an FSC and/or PEFC certification. The finishing increases the longevity of the wood. The wooden facade has been placed on a stone baseboard to avoid vulnerable connections to the ground level. All applicable materials have a long longevity and are maintenance friendly.

Our recreation homes are more energy efficient than the legislation and regulations in the Netherlands prescribe. This is a result of the excellent isolation, energy efficient and its gas free installation.

An impression of Marina Resort Leukermeer

Sustainability and the Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC)

The Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) of a house determines the energy consumption of the house: the energy for heating/cooling, ventilation and hot water. The lower the EPC, the less energy you use and the more sustainable the home is.

In layman's terms: the better the home is constructed with regard to isolation, ventilation and installation, the less energy is needed to keep the home comfortably warm. The amount of energy necessary to heat/cool the party and heat tap water is weighed and expressed in an EPC figure. New homes in the Netherlands must meet this EPC requirement of 0.4. To realize this, good isolation is important, but also the choice of heat source. The more energy efficient the heating device is, the better for the EPC figure.

A sustainable investment in a holiday home

You are not only buying a stable investment which will also give you pleasure besides achieving a nice profit. You are also buying a holiday home which is comfortable and energy efficient .

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