• Unique location
  • Investing with a high rate of return
  • Luxury resort

Investing in a holiday resort

Investing in a holiday resort is an investment with a high rate of return. Indeed, the holiday home(s) that you invest your money in always retain their value. This is especially true at Marina Resort Leukermeer, a brand new holiday resort that is currently being developed and built. Marina Resort Leukermeer is located in Well, in the municipality of Bergen - Limburg, on the banks of the Leukermeer lake. This luxurious resort is the perfect holiday destination for people who love water sports such as sailing, swimming, stand up paddle surfing, canoeing, and wakeboarding. Many (German) holidaymakers spend their annual holidays in this area and the demand for accommodation is high.

As many as 34 apartments and 148 cottages will be built on this brand new holiday resort. The stone holiday homes meet very high standards for both luxury and comfort. Moreover, some of the cottages are situated on the water's edge and even have their own jetty. This is something that is highly appreciated by many water sports enthusiasts and contributes to the rentability of your holiday home. All told, investing in a holiday home at Marina Resort Leukermeer is an excellent investment.


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Purchasing a holiday homes as an investment

When you purchase a holiday home as an investment, you are obviously going to want to rent it out. Marina Resort Leukermeer has its own rental organization. This is very convenient for you, because this organization will take care of the management and maintenance of your property for you. This means that you do not have to drive to Limburg in the weekend to mow the lawn of your holiday home or to replace a broken tea glass. The organization will take care of all this for you. Besides the management and maintenance of your holiday home, they also take care of renting out the property. Indeed, they will make sure that as many guests as possible use your holiday home and that the occupancy rate is as high as possible. Naturally, the more your property is rented out, the more rental income it will generate for you. After the guests depart, the rental organization will make sure that your property is cleaned and ready to welcome the next guests. Correspondingly, you don't have to worry about your holiday home at all.

    A unique location

    The unique location on Lake Leuker offers many (water sports) activities. The surrounding area also offers plenty of entertainment for visitors of all age groups.

    High-quality construction

    The vacation homes are of high quality and feature contemporary architecture. Every luxury and comfort has been thought of. 

    Focus on Sustainability

    The homes were built with sustainability in mind. For example, reusable materials were used and the wood of the cladding is FSC and PEFC-certificatied.

    High-quality facilities

    By offering high-quality facilities, guests won't have to leave our resort to have a great time. 


Investing in a holiday home

Investing in a holiday home at a holiday resort with its own rental organization is a great way to get a return on your (savings) money. You will not have to find your own tenants, or worry about cleaning and inventory. Especially now that the demand for luxury holiday homes is increasing, it is advisable to invest in a high quality holiday resort with many facilities.

At Marina Resort Leukermeer you can already buy a 4-person holiday home, including transaction costs, from €248,000 excluding VAT. You can view the full range of holiday homes here. Are you interested in investing in a holiday resort? Then plan your appointment for a viewing or contact us by phone: +31654697271. We'll be happy to help!


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Frequently asked questions

Where in Limburg can I invest in a holiday home?

A brand new luxury resort is being built in the north of Limburg, right by the Leukermeer lake. At Marina Resort Leukermeer you can invest in a luxurious holiday home suitable for 2 to 20 people. Perfect for personal use or for rental purposes.

How does the rental process work when investing in a holiday home?

At Marina Resort Leukermeer, the entire rental process is taken care of for you by our professional rental organization. In addition to the rental activities, the maintenance will also be taken care of for you. This means that you can invest in our holiday resort without worries.

Why should I invest in a holiday home at a resort?

First of all, we take a lot out of your hands. For instance, you don't have to worry about renting out and maintaining the house. In addition, there are many facilities at Marina Resort Leukermeer, which are freely accessible to you and your guests.