• Investing in real estate
  • Income from rental
  • Completely managed rental

Buying and renting out a house

Buying and renting out a house is a common way of investing in real estate. Certainly, with the currently low interest rate, this is a good way to make your assets grow. On the one side, you'll have the costs of buying the house, on the other side there are the revenues from renting it out. Real estate usually holds its value very well, if bought for the market price or lower.

Wide choice at Marina Resort Leukermeer

Buying a house for rental activities

When buying a house with the goal to rent it out, there are two types of houses: houses intended for permanent residency or houses for recreational use . The houses at Marina Resort Leukermeer are specifically meant for recreational use or as a second house. These houses are also known as holiday home, holiday house or recreational house.

The fact that a house is intended for recreational use, says nothing about the quality of the holiday home. You can buy very simple, but also very luxurious homes, which are no less than an exclusive villa when it comes to execution, materials, insulation and comfort. The purpose of recreational use means that it's not allowed to permanently live in the house and that it may only be used for short-term rental. This is defined in the zoning plan of the municipality the house belongs to.

The location of Marina Resort Leukermeer is unique for Limburg. Situated by the Leukermeer, between National Park De Maasduinen and the Meuse, this is the ideal area for any water sports enthusiast. If you buy a house at Marina Resort Leukermeer, you can also use all of the facilities. For example, the swimming pool, supermarket, fitness, bowling, beach, beach club and bicycle and scooter rental.

Buying and renting out a house at Marina Resort Leukermeer:

  • Apartments for 2 up to 4 people
  • Villas for 4 up to 20 people
  • A lot of attention for sustainability (gas–free installation, 100% green electricity, reusable materials)
  • Luxury extras: directly on the water, wellness version or with your own dock

Buying and renting out a holiday home

If you're looking for a holiday home to buy and rent out, Marina Resort Leukermeer offers various possibilities. In this new resort, luxurious villas and spacious apartments are being built. All holiday homes are suited for rental activities, but can also be used privately. The resort has its own rental organisation, which takes care of everything concerning the rental of your house. They take care of the bookings, collect the rent, take care of cleaning and replace broken small inventory items like plates or glasses. 

If you want to buy a holiday home to rent it out, Marina Resort Leukermeer is a good choice. The professional rental organisation takes care of everything concerning the rental of your holiday home. You can buy a holiday home to rent out without any worries. Would you like to know more about the possibilities to buy and rent out a house at Marina Resort Leukermeer? Schedule a visit or call us at: +31 (0) 654697271. We're happy to assist you!

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Frequently asked questions

What is the expected return if I buy a house for rent?

Buying a holiday home and renting it out at Marina Resort Leukermeer does not come with a fixed or guaranteed return. You will, however, receive transparent and clear details into the rental income, so you can have realistic expectations of the return to be made.

Where in Limburg can I buy a house to rent out?

Marina Resort Leukermeer is a new, yet to be built, resort with luxury holiday homes. All our holiday homes are also suitable to be (partially) rented out. You can also opt for a holiday home right by the water, a very popular spot at our resort.