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Marina Resort Leukermeer - Verkoop
Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate

Landal GreenParks
Invest in a vacation home and let Landal GreenParks take care of it for you.
  • The alternative to saving accounts
  • Attractive yields when letting
  • Luxurious holiday villas

Investing in real estate

Are you considering investments in real estate? With interests on saving accounts shrinking and becoming negative at certain levels, it's clever to investigate other opportunities. At Marina Resort Leukermeer you can buy a holiday home as investment. We have exclusive and luxurious holiday homes for sale at this unique location in Limburg. You can choose between buying a home for personal use, for letting, or a combination of both. If you are buying a villa to let, you can expect an attractive yield. Investing in real estate can be very profitable for you this way.

The 5 advantages of buying a holiday home

Choose your real estate to invest in

You can invest in real estate at Marina Resort Leukermeer by buying an holiday villa. The holiday villas are built to high standard, with a strong eye for sustainability. We think it is important for you to be able to invest your money in real estate while keeping a sustainable future in mind. The holiday villas host 4 to up to 20 persons and luxurious extras are available with the holiday villas. For instance, there are holiday villas directly on the waterside, with optional private jetty. Some villas can also be expanded with an exclusive wellness package.

Investing in real estate: what are the yields?

You of course would like to know what your yields will be when you decide to invest in real estate. This will first of all depend on your choice between private use, full letting, or a combination of both. Buying a holiday home for private use is a value-retentive investment, but you will not receive yearly returns. However, the value of the home can increase over time. You will only receive returns when you let the home. In the following we will explain the differences between partial or full letting:

  • Partial letting - Your returns depend on the rental income and on how often you make your home available for rent. Your returns will increase with how often you make your home available.
  • Full letting - You make the home fully available for letting in order to obtain optimum yields. You will not receive a fixed yield or a yield guarantee, but we will provide you with a transparent and clear overview of the rental income. We put transparency and reliability first, and offer an overview of your yields, but also costs.

An added benefit is that the full letting process is taken care of by our own letting agency, so you will not have to worry about this yourself. Are you interested in investments in real estate? Or you might have some more questions. Feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with professional advice.

Investing with a high return

With an investment, of course you also want to achieve a high return. Investing at Marina Resort Leukermeer makes this possible for you because of the range of different vacation homes. The professional rental organization and the links with various tour operators ensure a good occupancy rate at the park. All this ensures that you can invest profitably and can invest with little risk. Would you also like to invest in a vacation home with a high return?

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