Trend: Three generations on holiday

There's not much we can do at the moment due to the corona measures, but you can always dream! In this blog, we look ahead by telling you about multigenerational holidays.

Holidays are a great opportunity for some quality time. This is the time when busy worker bees put their schedules aside and finally make some time for each other. How pleasant is it, then, when the corona measures allow, to enjoy a well-deserved multigenerational holiday? Interestingly, the multigenerational holiday trend has been on the rise for a while now. This is a great way to spend some extra time together, especially in the coming years. Grab your mom, dad and kids, and plan a holiday together! The next few years are perfect for enjoying a family holiday together.

multigenerational holiday

Three generations on holiday{

Imagine a week with your children and parents, doing all sorts of fun activities. What could be better than that? Research shows that as many as 75% consider fun to be the most important reason for a family holiday. This way, you can spend a few days making time for each other and reminiscing about the good old days. Whether you have something to celebrate or not, a multigenerational holiday is the perfect time to strengthen your family bonds. An additional advantage is that a multigenerational holiday can be quite cost effective indeed.

A family holiday in the Netherlands

Naturally, there are plenty of beautiful places you could go to for your multigenerational holiday. That said. Limburg is the place to be for that genuine holiday feeling in the Netherlands. The beautiful landscape, which is open to the entire family, ensures that you will have a wonderful holiday. You won't be bored for a moment either, because there are several fun activities in Limburg for you to enjoy together.

Buy a holiday home in Limburg

A wonderful holiday spot for multiple generations

Limburg is the place to be for beautiful scenery and fun activities, but the southernmost province of the Netherlands is also the place to be for wonderful places to stay. At Marina Resort Leukermeer, you will find large holiday homes which offer enough space and privacy for a family holiday. Whether you dream of buying your very own holiday home in Limburg or just want to enjoy a week off: at Marina Resort Leukermeer you are in the right place. Here you will find holiday homes for 4 to 16 people with a surface area of up to 712 m2, meaning that you can enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family with plenty of space. Moreover, you don't have to worry about your privacy, because all holiday homes have at least 2 and up to 7 bathrooms. You can also sleep in peace and quiet, because with several bedrooms, relaxation is never far.

Fun at your fingertips

Thanks to the various facilities at our resort and the beautiful surroundings, you and your family will always have plenty of opportunities to go out and have fun. On and around the resort, for example, you will find a beautiful marina and lovely beaches and swimming pools. This is a great place to spend time. At our beach club, you will be completely pampered and you can enjoy some truly lovely drinks here. For sports activities, check out the water sports center, the aqua park, or the fitness club. In this way, both young and old will find plenty of things to do. Want to discover what the surrounding area has to offer? With National Park De Maasduinen and various villages and cities within a stone's throw, there is much to see and admire. For some more action, you can go to the golf courses or water sports center Het Leukermeer. Regardless, fun is never far! Are you coming to experience it for yourself?

Buying a holiday villa

A private holiday home

A place where you can regularly retreat to with the whole family, doesn't that sound amazing? It is possible if you decide to buy a holiday villa at Marina Resort Leukermeer. This way you can enjoy a wonderful holiday from your very own waterfront holiday home, whenever you feel like it. Moreover, the durable holiday homes have comfortable facilities and a luxurious interior. You will feel right at home here! Even if you decide to partially rent out the house, a holiday home at Marina Resort Leukermeer is a great investment. The luxurious facilities of both the holiday home and the resort will immediately attract tourists for a family holiday.


Do you also dream of buying a holiday home on the banks of the Meuse river at Marina Resort Leukermeer, or are you looking forward to a nice family holiday? Do not wait any longer and contact Marina Resort Leukermeer to discuss your options.


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