Investing in a group home can be a smart financial decision.

Marina Resort Leukermeer offers the opportunity to invest in luxury vacation homes with a private plot of land. The rental of the homes is facilitated by a professional rental organization called Landal Greenparks. Group homes are in demand right now, and investing in a group home at Marina Resort Leukermeer is a popular choice.


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Value development

The design team at Marina Resort Leukermeer incorporated sustainability into their plans from the very beginning. As a result, the homes are constructed with sustainable design, reusable materials, and a long lifespan in mind. Permanent vacation homes also see a 1.5% to 2% annual appreciation.

Yields rise steadily 

Yields will steadily increase, and you will absorb inflation through rent increases based on the price index.

High-quality holiday accommodations

In these homes, you can expect to find modern architecture and top-notch construction. The homes are both sustainable and luxurious, surpassing all expectations. A few of the houses possess a sheltered terrace, providing a delightful opportunity to relish the fresh air outside. Some vacation homes come equipped with their own private jetty. You can step right out of your yard and onto your boat!


Professional rental organization

The rental management of your property is handled by Landal Greenparks, one of Europe's largest vacation home organizations. This organization has been involved in the development and operation of recreational parks since 1954, accumulating a great deal of experience and expertise. 

Highly sought after location

The location of Marina Resort Leukermeer is unique. The resort is located in the water sports area of Het Leukermeer, making it an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts. Additionally, there is an open connection to the Meuse river. Guests staying at the adjacent resort can enjoy unlimited access to the 5-star park's extensive facilities. 

Fixed return for the first 5 years

Thanks to the popularity of the properties, we can offer a 5.5% fixed return on our 20-bed Big Buffalo houses for the first five years . This property can also be delivered soon. Therefore, the purchase of this group home is a value-proof investment; you will achieve an attractive return on your investment immediately. 


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