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Advice through a video call

It goes without saying that our advisor can provide you with personalized advice during a visit on location. In case you are not able to visit us, this can also be done through a video call. During a video call, our advisor will inform and advise you about all the possibilities available at Marina Resort Leukermeer. It is possible to hold a video call from the location with our advisor on the weekend by appointment.

The video call is done via Whatsapp calling. So you can easily get in touch with us at home, from the sofa, or anywhere else. Video calls can be done via your computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

Marina Resort Leukermeer

Physical address
Vossenheuvel 4
5855 EE, Well (Bergen L)

Mailing address
De Kamp 5
5855 EG, Well (Bergen L)


Location Marina Resort Leukermeer

Request a video call

The video call takes place via Whatsapp, this requires a mobile number.
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