• Newly built vacation resort
  • Professional rental organization
  • Investing with a return

A newly built vacation home

Are you interested in investing in a newly built vacation home? You can do this at Marina Resort Leukermeer. This newly built vacation resort in Limburg is located on the Leukermeer and near the Meuse and its lakes. Therefore, a newly built vacation home is also an excellent investment for people who love the water. For relaxing with your household/family, our resort offers a variety of vacation homes, whether you choose to use the property yourself, rent it out completely, or a combination of both. A newly built vacation home at Marina Resort Leukermeer is an investment with an attractive return.


Investing in newly built vacation homes

Marina Resort Leukermeer has a variety of newly built vacation homes for sale for you to choose from. You can choose newly built vacation homes that can accommodate from four to twenty people and feature contemporary architecture. The eye for detail in the development of this newly built vacation resort shows the quality of our organization. Thus our advisors are ready to assist you with the purchase of your newly built vacation home in Limburg.

Investing in a vacation home and opting to rent it out completely not only offers a stable investment property, but also an attractive return on investment of 6%. Moreover, you can choose to partially rent out your home or use it entirely for your own use. So you can come and enjoy a well-deserved vacation or weekend getaway in your own home at any time! In short, the sustainable and exclusive newly built vacation homes at Marina Resort Leukermeer provide you with a variety of options.


Investing in a newly built vacation resort

Another advantage when investing in this newly built recreational project is that, in addition to purchasing a vacation home, you have access to the various facilities of the resort as well. You can enjoy culinary delights in the beach club, access the marina and the swimming pool, or take a dip at the sandy beach. As a result, nobody will get bored while staying in your own newly built vacation home!

Newly built vacation homes for sale: