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Funda holiday home Limburg

You're searching on Funda for a holiday home in Limburg but you can't find Marina Resort Leukermeer. How is that possible? Funda is a website that offers houses for sale. The platform is owned by NVM, the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents, and offers mostly houses from agents that are part of the NVM. The holiday homes at Marina Resort Leukermeer are not sold by an NVM agent. That's why you won't find our houses on Funda.


Holiday homes for sale on Funda

It doesn't matter to you as a potential buyer that a holiday home for sale cannot be found on Funda. Our vendors know everything about buying a holiday home. This process isn't exactly the same as buying a house to live in. Things like return on investment, rental agreement and inventory are not relevant when buying a regular house, but they are when you're buying a holiday home. You can rest assured that you will be fully informed.

The holiday homes at Marina Resort Leukermeer are built under the "Woningborg" guarantee. This is a guarantee for you as a buyer that your house will be finished, even if the contractor goes bankrupt. If you buy a house in the resort, there is no risk that the house will not be fully built. This means extra security for you.

Holiday home on Funda

Now you can see why it's not necessary to find your ideal holiday home on Funda. There are various ways and websites nowadays to find your holiday home. In the case of Marina Resort Leukermeer, the sale is handled on our own project website. Here you can find the complete offer of houses from the first phase.

Are you interested in a holiday home or would you like to know more about the offer? Contact our vendors by calling +31654697271 or schedule a visit on location.

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