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Buying a vacation home near Brabant

Located just across the border from Noord-Brabant, you will find Marina Resort Leukermeer in Limburg. This new vacation park offers various types of vacation homes as an attractive investment or for a pleasant stay. The purchase of a vacation home in Brabant offers you the chance to escape the daily routine while you stay in your own home. Can you already see yourself sitting on the patio? If you are not staying in your home yourself, you can also choose to rent out your vacation home in order to earn a return on your investment. Buying a vacation home near Noord-Brabant offers various advantages; let our advisors inform you. We're here for you.


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Recreation home for sale in Noord-Brabant

At Marina Resort Leukermeer there are luxury recreation homes for sale for 20 people near Noord-Brabant. The resort is located in the town of Well (municipality of Bergen), on the Leukermeer and with access to the Maas. The park is a popular vacation destination for water sports lovers. Sailing, swimming, canoeing, supping, water skiing and many other activities. You can also enjoy yourself at the beach, the beach club, or enjoy the view from your own vacation home with a dock near Noord-Brabant. Not only is there plenty to do at the resort, it is also a great place for nature lovers. The park is also the ideal base to visit Nationaal Park De Maasduinen by bicycle or on foot, through one of the many bicycling and hiking routes. In short, the purchase of a vacation home near Noord-Brabant offers a suitable destination to undertake extensive activities during your well–deserved vacation.

Vacation home for sale near Noord-Brabant

  • On the Leukermeer
  • Near Nationaal Park Maasduinen
  • A stable investment
  • Investing with a return
  • Located on the water
  • Homes with a dock
  • Alternative for saving

Investment opportunities

When purchasing a vacation home near Noord-Brabant at Marina Resort Leukermeer, you can choose from various investment opportunities. At Marina Resort Leukermeer you can choose between completely renting out, partially renting out or completely private use. The level of the return depends on the costs on the one hand and the rental income on the other. The more often your vacation home is rented out, the more money it will generate. Do you opt for partially renting out? Then you will enjoy your investment even more. You can then also spend your vacation in your vacation home near Noord-Brabant. The last option is completely private use, so you can use your own home at any time. Please feel free to contact our organization to discuss your wishes.