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Marina Resort Leukermeer - Verkoop
Buying a holiday villa
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  • Luxury resort in Limburg
  • Unique location on the Leukermeer
  • For your own use or rental
  • Luxurious resort in Limburg

Buying a villa in the Netherlands

Buying a villa in the Netherlands is an interesting way in order to increase your capital. At Marina Resort Leukermeer, located in Limburg, we offer a wide range of villas for sale in the Netherlands. Investing in recreational real estate offers you attractive opportunities to get a return on your purchase. Buying a luxury villa in the Netherlands can be done for various purposes. Would you like to go on holiday to Limburg as often as possible? Then you buy a villa for your own use. Would you rather get as much return as possible? Then you should opt for full rental of your villa. A combination between own use and rental is possible, too. Something to think about before you buy a villa in the Netherlands.

Holiday villa for own use or (partial) letting

Luxury villas for sale

The villas for sale in Limburg at Marina Resort Leukermeer differ in size, location and price range. You can buy a villa in the Netherlands which is suitable for groups of 4 to 20 people . Some villas are located directly on the water and even have the option of a private jetty. The perfect solution for boat owners. You have the option to buy a luxury villa in the Netherlands, as well, and expand it with wellness, at an extra cost. In the garden, you'll find an outdoor wellness including a sauna, spa, shower and lounge set.

Marina Resort Leukermeer: ​​

  • Unique location in the Netherlands
  • High quality built villas
  • Sustainability central located
  • Many options to spend your free time
  • Valuable investment
  • Great idea for rental

The advantages of Marina Resort Leukermeer

If you choose to buy a villa in Limburg for rental, this will be fully taken care of by our rental organization. This way you can rent out the villa carefree and achieve an attractive return, too. The demand for luxury holiday villas in this region is high, so renting out the villa can be very beneficial for you. An extra advantage, when you buy a villa in the Netherlands at Marina Resort Leukermeer, is that you can make unlimited use of the facilities of the adjacent holiday park, as well. In the marina you can leave your boat after a day sailing on the Limburg waters. In addition to the beaches around the Leukermeer, you can enjoy the indoor and outdoor swimming pool, too. Enjoy culinary pleasures including a panoramic view of the Leukermeer at Beachclub Leukermeer. There will be an entertainment team for the kids during the holidays and there are lots of options regarding games and entertaining .

Would you like to get more information about the villas for sale in the Netherlands at Marina Resort Leukermeer? You can request more information without obligation, or contact us for an advice. You can contact us directly through the button below.

Villas for sale in Limburg