• Luxurious holiday bungalows for sale
  • Right at the Leukermeer
  • For private use or rental purposes

Buying a holiday bungalow

Have you long had the desire to buy a private holiday bungalow? Your dream home might be among the holiday bungalows offered for sale in Limburg at Marina Resort Leukermeer. The offer consists of luxurious accommodations suitable for 4 to 20 persons. Thanks to the diversity, both in size and exclusivity, the bungalows for sale in Limburg at Marina Resort Leukermeer are in the top of the range in The Netherlands. Marina Resort Leukermeer is situated at a unique location at the Leukermeer, making it a wonderful destination for water (sports) enthusiasts as well. But you will be able to find plenty of activities and sights to see on dry land too, both at the resort and in the surrounding area. Which holiday bungalows are for sale in Limburg? You will find out below.


Buying a bungalow in Limburg

There are no ordinary holiday bungalows for sale at Marina Resort Leukermeer. For instance, all accommodations were built with high quality and with a focus on sustainability. You can buy a holiday bungalow in Limburg including the land the accommodation is on. Furthermore, nearly every accommodation has as many bathrooms as it has bedrooms, a spacious garden, and some are even right at the water. Would you like to buy a holiday bungalow including wellness? That is possible as well, as you can expand various accommodations with an outdoor wellness facility.

Marina resort Leukermeer

  • Exclusive resort
  • Unique location
  • Extensive facilities
  • Investing and recreation
  • Carefree rental process

For which purpose do you want to buy a holiday bungalow?

Investing in a holiday bungalow

As you see above, there are three different investment options for buying a bungalow in Limburg. Do you want to buy an accommodation as an investment and receive a yield? If so, renting it out fully is the best option for you. The rental process is taken care of completely by our professional rental organization, meaning you will not have to worry about a thing. Do you want to buy a holiday bungalow in order to use it yourself as well? If so, the other two options will be of interest to you.

Thanks to Marina Resort Leukermeer's location, renting out your holiday bungalow is an interesting option. The demand for holiday accommodations in this region is great, and the area offers many recreation possibilities as well. The Leukermeer alone offers countless of recreational activities, ranging from swimming to sailing. The resort itself also has a marina, several swimming pools, a restaurant, and entertainment for children. The ideal location for buying your own holiday bungalow!

Holiday bungalows for sale at Marina Resort Leukermeer

Frequently asked questions

Where in Limburg can I buy a luxurious holiday bungalow?

Marina Resort Leukermeer is situated at a unique location in North Limburg, right at the waters of the Leukermeer. Buying a luxurious holiday bungalow is possible as an investment by renting it out fully or partially. Or you could turn it into your second home, and spend a holiday there whenever you want.

What are the expected returns if I buy a recreational bungalow?

Buying a bungalow in Limburg is an interesting way to accumulate returns. At Marina Resort Leukermeer, you will not receive fixed or guaranteed returns when you rent the accommodation out. However, a sound projection can be made. The returns also depend on the choice to either rent it out partially or fully.

What is the advantage of buying a holiday bungalow at Marina Resort Leukermeer?

Thanks to the many facilities, you can enjoy a very pleasant stay at Marina Resort Leukermeer. On top of this, the rental process, in case you make that choice, is handled completely by the professional rental organization. This is why you can enjoy your investment in North Limburg free of worries.