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  • Reliable and transparent return forecasts
  • Attractive returns

Buying a holiday home to rent

Yields on bank and savings deposits are almost nothing these days, so many people are looking for another way to increase their capital. Spending holidays in one's own country is becoming increasingly popular because of current developments in the world. Is buying a holiday home to rent a good way to increase your capital? The return you get on your investment is a great deal higher than with traditional bank savings. At Marina Resort Leukermeer you have a unique opportunity to invest in recreational real estate positioned in the upper, luxury segment of the market. The exclusive offer from Marina Resort Leukermeer consists of sustainable, luxurious holiday villas and apartments. Whatever you choose, your holiday villa will feature contemporary architecture and high-quality construction.


Investing and renting without worries

Marina Resort Leukermeer is a unique and very popular holiday destination, where many water sports enthusiasts already spend their holidays. The demand for holiday homes for short or longer holidays is very high and will only grow in the future. This ensures high rentability of the accommodations at Marina Resort Leukermeer. Our professional rental organization will relieve you of every concern. They will take care of the bookings, collect the rental income, take care of the cleaning and replace the small inventory, such as plates and glasses if something gets broken.

Sustainable investment:

  • Own power production
  • Gasless installation
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Excellent insulation

Our holiday homes are more energy efficient than the laws and regulations in the Netherlands require.


What yield can you expect when renting out

At Marina Resort Leukermeer you do not receive a fixed return or a guaranteed return. We do this for a reason, because though a fixed return or guaranteed return sounds very attractive, but there are often many hidden pitfalls, a few of which we explain below.

Always only for a limited number of years

After the agreed period, your returns may drop sharply. Because homes in the park that still have a guaranteed return will be given priority over your home ( for which the guaranteed return has expired).

Higher depreciation and wear and tear

The house has to make as much money as possible in a short period of time, so it's rented out as much as possible. This provides higher depreciation and wear and tear. These charges will take away from your return.


Of course, the idea of buying a holiday home for rent to get a good return on your investment. That is why we at Marina Resort Leukermeer find transparency and reliability of the utmost importance. We will provide you with a clear return forecast, in which we will also give you insight into the fixed costs. This way you will know exactly what costs and returns your holiday villa will bring.

Do you want more information about the investment and rental possibilities at Marina Resort Leukermeer? Then make an appointment for a free consultation or ask for our brochure.

Holiday accommodations for rental purposes

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