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Buying a holiday home in the Netherlands

Buying an own holiday home in the Netherlands is a big wish for many people. A private place to relax with your family or loved ones and celebrate your holiday when it suits you. Marina Resort Leukermeer makes it possible to buy a holiday home in the Netherlands letting your wishes come true. The biggest advantage of buying a holiday home in the Netherlands is the travel distance. Of course this depends on where you live and where the holiday home is located. Marina Resort Leukermeer is located in North Limburg, in the village of Well, municipality of Bergen. To give you an impression of the distances: Nijmegen is 49 km away, Utrecht is 126 km away and Amsterdam is 159 km away. From the bustle of the city you'll be in the foreseeable future in beautiful Limburg, abounding in water.


Your own holiday home in the Netherlands

Imagine the following story: on Friday afternoon you close the front door behind you, get in your car and after the journey you arrive at your own holiday home . Where you can charge your battery and a weekend feels like a holiday of a week. For the children this is great pleasure, too, with all possible forms of water sports that Marina Resort Leukermeer offers. Buying a holiday home in the Netherlands at this resort is therefore perfect if you regularly want to escape your daily life.

Marina Resort Leukermeer has extensive facilities such as a supermarket, fitness, bowling, swimming pool, coffee lounge, beach club, bicycle rental, beach and aqua park. So there is more than enough to experience and to do. Your children and you will never be bored during a weekend or holiday at this luxury resort . The purchase of a holiday home at Marina Resort Leukermeer guarantees that you can use these facilities .


Read more about the different options when buying a vacation home in the Netherlands below:

Holiday homes for sale

When purchasing a holiday home in the Netherlands you can't ignore Marina Resort Leukermeer. This special resort with a great diversity of facilities makes it the perfect place for your holiday home. There are different types of holiday homes for sale. They vary in size from 2 to 20-person family houses. Almost all bedrooms have their own bathroom. These newly to be built stone houses all have a luxury and exclusive appearance . The wide variety of types of housing means that there's always a holiday home that suits your needs. To make things easy for you, you'll find there the full range of the different holiday homes that are for sale.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a vacation home in the Netherlands on the waterfront?

Do you like to spend your vacations by the water? Then the luxury recreational homes on the water of Marina Resort Leukermeer are exactly what you are looking for. You also have the option of choosing a private jetty, ideal for boat owners.

Is it possible to buy a vacation home as an investment?

Buying a vacation home as an investment can provide you with an attractive return. You generate return by renting out the property, you don't have to do anything yourself, this is completely taken care of by Marina Resort Leukermeer.